What People Say About The Fighting Jameson

  • "The Fighting Jamesons deliver a traditional style of celtic music with a rollicking hybrid of Irish traditional and American rock 'N' roll."
  • "High-energy, pint-raising original tunes that “features a healthy respect for Irish music tradition delivered with a decidedly modern attitude."
    The Virginian Pilot
  • "The Fighting Jamesons are a party band that aims to lift spirits and fuel festivities.Mike Powers fronts a band that takes folk nuggets like "The Irish Rover," "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Drunken Sailor" and stuffs them into a modern rock blender.”

Every Day Above Ground

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Video Gallery

"Drunken Sailor"

Live @ The Norva

"Irish Rover"

Live @ Notre Dame Shamrock Series

"Year Gone By"

Live @ The Norva

"Tell Me Ma"

Live @ Long Island Railroad

Festival Highlights

Indianapolis Irish Festival
Indianapolis, IN
Philly Folk Fest
Philadelphia, PA
Harrah's Rincon Pavilion
Valley Center, CA

Shamrock Festival @ RFK Statium
Washington, DC
NJ Irish Festival
Oceanport, NJ
Bethlehem, PA

Colorado Irish Fest
Denver, CO
Leaf Fest
Ashville, NC
Celtic Fest
Missoula, MT

Gaelic Park
Chicago, IL
Dunedin Celtic Festival
Dunedin, FL
The Fairfield Country Irish Festival
Fairfield, CT

Annapolis Irish Festival
Grownsville, MD
Great American Irish Festival
Frankfort, NY
Hunter MT Irish Festival
Hunter, NY

South Shore Music Circus
Cohasset, MD
Celtic Rock Fest
Newport, RI
The Virginia Bacon Fest
Norfolk, VA

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